We are one of the UK’s smallest university institutes yet we have a thriving student community and a very active Students’ Union that encourages everyone to get involved at any level. The Students' Union aims to enrich your student experience by enabling you to organise and participate in extracurricular activities and to make the most of student life in Paris.

Students' Union at the University of London Institute in ParisStudents' Union rugby team

As a ULIP student, you are automatically a member of the Students’ Union. Your membership is free and it takes just a few minutes to join up when you first arrive at the Institute.

The Students’ Union aims to enrich the unique experience that ULIP offers through student to student support and activities. It is governed entirely by students and exists to ensure fair representation for all. 

The Union has established a number of different societies in Paris – from football to film, to art and aerobics.

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Discover the various Union's activities and what it is like to live in Paris by visiting their website