MA Modern History (University College Dublin); PhD French Studies (University of London Institute in Paris) 

Summary of research interests and expertise 

  • Critical Theory
  • Marxism
  • Sultural Studies
  • Postcolonialism 

I specialise in the work of the 20th-century French theorist Georges Bataille. My PhD thesis examined the anglophone reception of his work and investigated how a number of countercultural scenes made adventurous use of his ideas to both complement and challenge understandings of his broader place within ‘French Theory’. Since completing my thesis, I have continued my research into the ways in which Bataille’s capacious thought and writings continue to animate and energise new currents in contemporary critical theory. My writings on this subject can be found as a chapter in Georges Bataille and Contemporary Thought (2017), and articles in Theory, Culture & Society (2018) and Cahiers Bataille 4 (2019)  

An increasingly important strand of my research concerns contemporary crisis theory, examining how non-state actors and theorists make radical, often unfamiliar, innovations in their movements against the evolving forms of crisis management. This include capitalism’s logistical turn, as well as the increasingly authoritarian tendencies of liberal states. This is the focal point of a seminar series I am organising at ULIP for the 2020-2021 academic year, while an article I have written on the subject, ‘Crisis Calls for Opacity: Bataille, Tiqqun and Logistical Capitalism’, is forthcoming. 

Finally, cultural studies has been central to my research in a variety of forms. I am interested in how different forms of popular culture offer stimulating sites of possibility for working through difficult political and theoretical questions. I have written on French philosophy’s impact on popular-music journalism (Revue Palimpsestes, 2019), on Afrofuturist criticism and the antiracist politics of science fiction (L’Atelier, 2019), and beyond academia I regularly write on culture and politics for the press, including review-articles and essays for the Irish Times, Los Angeles Review of Books, Washington Post and Blind Field: A Journal of Cultural Inquiry. 


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