My current research focuses on the role and influence of agricultural interests in contemporary French society and politics. I am particularly interested in the ways in which agriculture and farmers continue to form a central part of the French political debate – despite the fact that farmers represent less than 3% of the active population.

Since 2011 and as part of a collective project (involving anthropologists, sociologists and political scientists), I have been studying civil society participation in international environmental processes (UNCSD, UNFCCC). I obtained funding for and am currently coordinating a collective research project that focuses on the study of the Paris Climate Conference (COP21). On the back of my research on COP21, future research plans include research on the debates surrounding the means of transitioning towards a low-carbon economy.

Teaching specialism

French history and politics ; environmental politics ; social movement studies



  • The price of climate action: Philanthropic foundations and the global climate debate, London: Palgrave (2016)
  • Agriculture et capitalisme: Retours sur un débat, Paris: Editions du Sextant, with Thierry Pouch (2017, in press)

Edited books

  • Globalizing the climate: COP21 and the climatisation of global debates, London:Routledge, with Stefan Aykut and Jean Foyer (2017, in press)

Recent journal articles

  • ‘Globaliser le climate, climatiser le monde: une étude collaborative de la COP21’, in Nature Sciences Sociétés (2015), with Jean Foyer
  • ‘Words speak louder than actions : the « peasant » dimension of the Confédération paysanne’s alternative to industrial farming’, in Journal of Peasant Studies, 42(2015)

Recent edited book chapters

  • ‘Les reconfigurations environnementales du syndicalisme : construction de positions et stratégies globales’, in Foyer, Jean (ed.), Regards croisés sur Rio+20: La modernisation écologique à l’épreuve, Paris: CNRS Editions (2015)
  • ‘Bien plus qu’un sac de pommes de terre: l’apport des marxistes anglo-saxons à l’analyse de la paysannerie contemporaine’, in Petites paysanneries au nord et au sud de la Méditerranée: questions de méthodes, eds. Streith, Michel et Raouf Saidi, Paris : Publisud, pp.251-273 (2013)
  • ‘On the co-construction of a new collective identity for the alter-globalisation movement : the Confédération paysanne (CP) as 'peasant' movement’, in The European social movement experience, eds. Cox, Laurence and Cristina Flesher Fominaya, London : Routledge (2013)
  • ‘Campaign or ‘movement of movements’? Attac France and the Currency Transaction Tax (CTT)’, in Global Justice Activism and Policy Change, eds. Utting, Peter and Danielle Barrier, Abington : Routledge (2012).

Editorial work

  • Co-editor with Romain Felli, Anahita Grisoni and Fabrice Flipo of a special issue of Mouvements (80) on trade unions and the environment (title: ‘Le travail contre nature? Syndicats et environnement’) (2014).
  • World Social Science Report, member of the editorial team with Françoise Caillods, Laurent Jeanpierre, Olivier Nay, Elise Demeulenaere, Mathieu Denis and Koen Jonkers, Paris: UNESCO Publishing (2010).