I began my studies at the University of Glasgow, where I completed an MA, MLitt and a PhD. My doctoral research focused on the bande dessinée (the French-language graphic novel) and the representation of women within this art form over the 20th century. The publication of a monograph derived from this research, entitled Invisible Presence: The Representation of Women in French-language Comics, is forthcoming (Intellect). I am also co-editing a special edition of journal Studies in Comics on the theme of “Women in, on and Making Comics”, which is set for publication in 2016.

Teaching specialism

Text-image media, bande dessinée, twentieth-century French culture and critical theory


My principal research interests include text/image culture, visual representations of migration and depictions of trauma in the bande dessinée. I have published on each of these topics in recent years (see Publications). A further research interest concerns the French Départment d’Outremer Guyane, notably the social and cultural plurality of this under-studied region, which became the focus of an international conference I co-organised Locating Guyane at ULIP in July 2014. I am currently co-editing a volume on this research theme, also entitled Locating Guyane.

I would be happy to consider working with students on research projects relating to text/image culture, particularly graphic novels, and representations of women, trauma or displacement.     



  • Invisible Presence: The Representation of Women in French-language Comics, Intellect (forthcoming, 2018).

Edited Volumes/Special Issues

  • Locating Guyane, co-edited with Dr Sarah Wood, Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2018
  • “Centre Stage on the Page: Women in, on and making Comics.” Special issue, Studies in Comics 7.2 (2017), co-edited with Sarah Lightman.


  • “Tracing the Trauma of Clandestine Migration in the Bande Dessinée” in Immigrants and Comics: Graphic Spaces of Remembrance, Transaction, and Mimesis, ed. N. L. Serrano, Routledge (forthcoming, 2018).
  • “Performing and Parading Gender in French Guiana’s Carnival” in Locating Guyane, eds. C. MacLeod and S. Wood, Liverpool : Liverpool University Press, 183-200.
  • “From Wandering Women to Fixed Females: Relations of gendered movement through post-colonial space in Lettres d’Outremer and Le Bar du vieux Français”, chapter of Comic Book Geographies, ed. J.Dittmer, Franz Verlag Steiner, 2014, 75-90.


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