I started working at the University of London Institute in Paris in September 2015. After teaching French language in Durham for three years, working in a British university in France seemed to be a great opportunity, as well as a logical choice. I do not regret my decision! I really enjoy  teaching French as a foreign language and sharing my interest in French culture. I particularly like the relation with the students, witnessing how they improve throughout the years, and how they get more and more passionate about some aspects of their course.  


PhD in French Studies, Durham University (2011 to date) : « La correspondance de la duchesse de Châtillon (1627-1695) : genre et diplomatie au Grand Siècle »


My research focuses on the rhetorical and opportunistic strategies used by the Duchess of Châtillon, a seventeenth-century female aristocrat, to negotiate both the political and the diplomatic spheres of Louis XIV’s court. It is based on her correspondence, most of which still remains unpublished. The analysis of these strategies reveals that it was possible for some women, through the use of informal means, to have influence in the male-dominated political arena.