ULIP has been a centre for Franco-British academic and cultural exchange for over 150 years and acts today as a hub for debate and discussion at the heart of the anglophone community in Paris.

Attracting speakers from the international academic community, the media, government bodies, and NGOs, ULIP hosts regular lectures and debates throughout the academic year, as well as running two seminar series.

All ULIP events are free of charge and open to all and any interested parties. Seminars are normally followed by a drinks reception.

Seminar Series

Challenging Europe : European Politics in Focus

This seminar series, run in conjunction with Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), explores some of the key economic, social, and political challenges facing Europe today. The growing refugee crisis, the continued effects of the economic downturn, the increased threat of terrorism, and ongoing Brexit negotiations all make for turbulent new waters for Europe to negotiate. With the values of a Europe “united in difference” under pressure, under what form and with what membership will the Fundamental Rights of the European Union be carried forward into the 21st century? Guided by the expertise of ULIP’s growing International Politics department, this seminar series provides a lively forum for debate and discussion.

Details of the past events are available here.

Dis-placing Politics

This seminar series, run in conjunction with Queen Mary University of London, the American University of Paris, and the University of Kent, Paris School of Arts and Culture, explores the contemporary social movements and political struggles that are displacing politics from its usual locations and exposing new sites for political activity. The prefix trans-, more than any other marker, has been used to signify this displacement of politics, just as it also expresses processes of displacement such as translation, transition, transference or transgression. We will be asking speakers to think through the modulation produced by trans- in order to consider how it works between and across the categories that shape our sense of the world and the disciplines of study that make up its girders.

Details of past events are available here.

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