The research of our postgraduate students is diverse in subject matter, ranging from gender in French literature to intersections between fine art and the translation of poetry, from poetics and narrative fiction to the Situationist movement.

Recent and current projects are also marked by significant geographical diversity, moving from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Burundi to the Anglo-American reception of French writer and thinker Bataille, and Maghrebi women’s writing. 

  • Yasmina Nagnoug Mejai

MPhil Supervisor: Dr Anna-Louise Milne

Thesis title: Voices of Transgression and the Quest for a Third Space in Postcolonial Maghrebi Women’s Writing. A comparative study of three contemporary Maghrebi female writers: Assia Djebar, Fatima Mernissi and Fawzia Zouari.

  • Eugene Brennan

PhD Supervisor: Professor Andrew Hussey and Dr Anna-Louise Milne

Thesis Title: The Anglo-American Reception of Georges Bataille. Readings in Theory and Popular Culture

  • Stephen Fein

M.Phil/PhD Jointly with Queen Mary University London

Supervisors: Professor Julian Jackson and Dr Anna-Louise Milne

Provisional thesis title: French attitudes to political refugees in interwar France: the police, the PCF and French intellectuals.

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