19 April 2016
Seminar series
Challenging Europe

Supported by the Universities for Europe and Universities UK, the University of London Institute in Paris and Queen Mary University of London recently organised a debate on a topic receiving close review, the Brexit Referendum. 

The debate entitled ‘The UK EU Referendum: would a Brexit matter to European Higher Education?’ was chaired by Professor Sir Adrian Smith, Vice-Chancellor of the University of London. The nine panellists came from a range of European countries and included a number of Higher Education specialists, as well as a journalist and a UK Member of the European Parliament. 

As summed up by Sir Adrian Smith at the end of the event, the debate brought to light the fact that Higher Education specialists from both the UK and continental Europe depended on the framework provided by the European Union to facilitate exchanges and cooperation in a number of areas and were concerned about the uncertainty and instability that would arise if the UK left the European Union. 



The “Challenging Europe: European Politics in Focus” seminar series is part of a number of collaborations between ULIP and QMUL, including a new jointly-offered MA in International Relations (Paris).

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