31 October 2016

September saw a new cohort of BA and Masters students travel from Britain, Europe, and beyond to take up their places at ULIP. After months of email and telephone correspondence confirming places, answering queries, and helping organise accommodation, it has been great to finally meet our new freshers face to face. Those exciting and nerve-wracking first few weeks at university will be a familiar memory for many of us and it is always exciting to share, even in a small part, in some of these new experiences with our incoming students.

Our first year student representatives – Charles and Emily – talk to us about some of the highlights of their first few weeks at ULIP:

Emily: Our first impressions of ULIP on arriving were definitely very positive! The friendly nature of the older year groups and the Students' Union played a major part in this, as did the student buddy system (where each fresher is paired with a ‘buddy’ from the second year). In fact, all the organisation and effort put in by older students at events during and after freshers’ week was very welcoming and made settling in a lot easier.

It’s hard to pick any specific highs and lows of freshers’ week itself as all of it was really good fun and great to meet and get to know people. If we absolutely had to pick a highlight though, it would either be the slide at Mix Club (one of Paris’ top night clubs) or the freshers ball!

Charles: Having taken a year out to travel and work, coming back to studying has been a bit of a shock for me! I think we’re all finally starting to get into the swing of it though. Personally, I love the history seminars and lectures - the Revolution was such a pivotal moment of French history and learning about it in French is pretty cool, too.

Emily: For me, my highlight so far has just been making new friends and hanging out in bars and cooking together. It’s a close knit group at ULIP and it’s lovely to be a part of!

Charles: One of the more unexpected changes between life in the UK and life in France has been Paris’ public transport - I love when buskers get onto the metro. It’s something I’d never seen on the tube at home in London and always puts a huge smile on my face - even if it is the worst rendition of a terrible Céline Dion song. It still makes the journey go a bit quicker!