7 March 2018

We are delighted to announce that Professors Engin Isin (ULIP-QMUL) and Kimberly Hutchings (QMUL) will be co-directing a new, Leverhulme Trust funded programme, Mobile People. The Doctoral Scholarship programme will involve 21 PhD research projects (2018-2023) concerned with how the world is being dynamically constituted by mobile people in active and novel ways and how this affects fundamental social and political institutions.

Beginning in 2018 and worth over £1,050,000 the programme aims to generate theories, concepts, methods, and data that are necessary to understand mobility as a way of life – not as an exception but as an emerging norm. These projects will address the transformative effects of mobile people on the social and political institutions they inhabit and construct. How mobile people are creating new worlds, not solely as host versus guest, mobile versus immobile relations, but in ways which fundamentally challenge social and political institutions of citizenship, democracy, nationality and security will be the innovative focus of this programme. 

Drawing strength from the interdisciplinary approaches of QMUL in social sciences and humanities and from its partnership with ULIP, located in the hub for migration and multiculturalism that is the city of Paris, the programme will be rooted in the study of the micro-level experiences, imaginations and meaning-making practices of mobile people as well as tracing their effects on social, political and economic institutions at all levels.

The project will involve about 30 academic staff from social and cognitive sciences and humanities disciplines and will foster a unique scholarly community. The programme aims to create a sustainable and enduring engagement, as well as a valuable resource for future researchers to further transform our understanding of how mobile people are actively creating world's that we all inhabit.

For more information about the programme and how to apply for one of these doctoral positions, please see the webpage.