Over the summer we asked four of our undergraduate students to participate in a new promotional video. We interviewed each one asking them to share their experience of studying abroad at a UK university in Paris. 

We followed them across their favourite locations in Paris to find out what they enjoyed the most about being here. This gave us the opportunity to find out about the range of interests that our students have and understand the strong links they have created in their own individual way with the city of Paris.

This short film showcases what all four students have in common: a strong relationship to the city and to ULIP, which has enabled them to expand their horizons both inside and outside the classroom.

Discovering another way of living is an exhilarating experience, and our students clearly demonstrate how the challenges and rewards of their time in Paris has enabled them to find their own voice. 

We’ll say no more, discover for yourself! 

Watch the individual 15 seconds portrait of each student: