1 November 2018

ULIP Lecturer Dr Joanne Brueton has co-authored a newly published book which explores the relationship between mathematics and poetry

Co-written with Antoine Houlou-Garcia and Bernard Randé, Le Compas et la Lyre: Regards croisés sur les mathématiques et la poésie (Calvage et Mounet: 2018) explores the ways in which poetry and mathematics, two disciplines which are so often polarised, frequently tend towards one another in their epistemological and methodological approaches to understanding the world around us. Joanne Brueton writes of her work in the volume:

"My sections are interested in how modernist and post-modernist poets such as Stéphane Mallarmé, Charles Baudelaire, Paul Valéry, Yves Bonnefoy and Samuel Beckett, relentlessly draw on zero when figuring the unknown in their work. Leaning on Barthes' theorisation of what he calls the degree zero of writing, that is to say, a resistance to a 'classical language' that sought to communicate a known, or even a knowable, meaning, I suggest that the turn towards zero in the turn of the century and post-modernist writing offers a way to calculate a new-found awe towards the ineffable."

Le Compas et la Lyre is out now.