7 January 2019

ULIP/QMUL Professor Engin Isin is co-editor of a major new academic volume entitled Data Politics: Worlds, Subjects, Rights.

As part of the Routledge Studies in International Political Sociology, this ambitious volume comprises a range of international academic experts who analyse the ways in which data is inextricably bound up with political and social questions. 

Data and politics have become inseparable not only because of the increasingly technological mediations of our social world but also because of the politically instrumental role data plays at the core of our democracies. Concerned with the things (infrastructures of servers, devices, and cables) and language (code, programming, and algorithms) that make up cyberspace, this book demonstrates that without understanding these conditions of possibility it is impossible to intervene in or to shape data politics.

Data Politics will be published by Routledge in March. Read more here.