15 January 2019

This video was created by the ULIP Students’ Union to showcase our SU and its activities. There are so many benefits to being part of ULIP SU. As a small university, our Union is accessible to all our students and we encourage everyone to get involved. The video presents information on just some of the roles open to you in the Union, such as a nominated officer or an elected role on the Student Council or Executive Committee. The clips provide a glimpse into our Freshers’ Week 2018. The September Welcome Week is a great way to get involved and feel part of our ULIP community.

The video also introduces some of our Union’s societies, such as our yearly Ski trip, Yoga society, Running society and so many more. These are just snapshots of our union, but we have so much more to offer, with a Radio show, our student magazine; Parlons, weekly Spanish Lessons and the opportunity to create your own society! Living and studying in Paris is a unique experience and ULIP SU wants to help you on this journey.

See you soon.