27 April 2017
Seminar series
Challenging Europe

The University of London Institute in Paris (ULIP) was delighted to welcome Bridget Anderson, Professor of Migration and Citizenship and Research Director at COMPAS (Centre on Migration, Policy, and Society, University of Oxford), as the speaker of our latest Challenging Europe seminar entitled the Making and Unmaking of Citizenship on 20 April.

Ahead of this fascinating evening exploring the impact of immigration controls – both positive and negative - on UK citizens following the Brexit vote, Professor Engin Isin (the ULIP and QMUL newly appointed Professor of International Politics) spoke with Bridget Anderson about the identities and definitions of 'migrants' and 'citizens' in relation to national and global spheres of politics.

Please click HERE to listen to their conversation about how the plurality of these notions is sighted as a means to the debasement of individuals and the rise of nationalistic agendas.

The Challenging Europe seminar series aims to strengthen collaboration between French and UK institutions. It was launched in parallel with a ULIP-QMUL jointly offered MA in International Relations. The next seminar “French Politics in Context: A Roundtable” will take place at ULIP on Friday 5 May. All are welcome.