Blog piece
29 May 2017

As we await the imminent commencement of the UK’s Brexit negotiations, ULIP’s CEO Tim Gore has been reflecting on the ramifications of Brexit for higher education, and, in particular, on the challenges that it will pose for the plethora of collaborative activity currently undertaken between institutes in London and Paris.

ULIP’s position as a locus for this collaboration and, indeed, as a centre for Franco-British cultural and linguistic exchange for over 150 years, will place the institute at the heart of these challenges in the years to come.

Writing with UCL’s Vice-Provost International, Dame Nicola Brewer, Mr Gore has produced a blog piece published by The PIE Blog, a site offering industry insight for professionals in international education.

The piece, which accompanies a seminar on the same theme held last week as part of the British Council’s annual Going Global conference, highlights the threat posed by Brexit to the inherently international nature of the innovation and knowledge creation that goes on at our universities. Dame Brewer and Mr Gore also urge fellow higher education professionals to ensure that the sector’s voice is heard by UK politicians and policy makers involved in the negotiations, so that provision can be made for such international collaboration to continue.

Read the piece in full.