Blog piece
13 September 2017

With September and la rentrée now well upon us, we asked one of our second year students, Ellie Clutton, to reflect on her experiences of spending the summer in France, as well as her plans and projects for the term to come.

Student Image

This summer has been a good one. For me, a lot of it was spent here in France, au-pairing in Cahors in the South. I also spent some time in Paris, as I was lucky enough to attend this years ULIP Graduation Ceremony which was such a lovely and happy day. I managed to time my trip well with Bastille Day, too. I would absolutely recommend the Champ de Mars on Bastille Day. Get there early to nab a great spot and take along some snacks and drinks because the French certainly know how to do fireworks!

It’s been a busy few weeks here in Paris and particularly for the Events and Societies team, Laura and Lucy, who have had a very busy Summer preparing for Freshers week! However, it has all come together and genuinely looks like it’s going to be an amazing week. Both Laura and Lucy have worked incredibly hard. The Students Union are very excited to welcome a new set of Freshers this year and we look forward to partying with you all in the festivities the team have arranged.

I’m very excited for the next year for the Students’ Union and ULIP. We have a great team of people who I know will all be really dedicated to their roles. Over the next year I would really like to see a more interactive relationship between the student body and the Students’ Union to ensure everyone’s voices are heard and we are making the changes that are desired. I will also be working closely with Jack Kelly, the Vice President to form a stronger bond with QMUL and hopefully we can reach out to more French universities here in Paris too. Here’s to a great year!