Past event
31 July 2017

ULIP celebrates new graduates at the residence of the British Ambassador to France

On 17 July, the University of London Institute in Paris (ULIP) held its annual graduation ceremony to celebrate the achievements of its newest graduates. The intimate event, held in the historic British ambassador’s residence in France, welcomed graduates and guests, including the new Honorary Doctor of Literature, BBC Europe Editor Katya Adler.

As in recent years, the sun shone on the day, welcoming graduates and guests into the lush surroundings of the historic residence. 

After taking their seats in the spectacular ballroom, 39 graduates of the BA in French Studies, BA in French Studies with History, the MA in Paris Studies, History and Culture and Master of Philosophy were cheered on by friends and family as they received congratulations from Professor Sir Adrian Smith, Vice-Chancellor of the University of London and Dr Tim Gore, CEO of ULIP.

Graduation Ceremony 2017

This year’s graduation ceremony was a special one in which we also celebrated Tim Gore’s recent doctorate. Congratulations Tim!

ULIP and the University of London were delighted to welcome our newest honorary graduate, Dr Katya Adler, BBC Europe Editor. 

Katya, who speaks fluent German, Italian, Spanish and French with some Arabic and Hebrew in addition to her native English, attributes a special role to her languages in her journalistic practice. Her everyday use of her languages as a means of acquiring access and insight into cultures other than her own in order to make those cultures comprehensible to others exemplifies the aspirations and values embedded in ULIP’s French Studies programmes. Katya’s achievements as a top-level international journalist crossing geographical and linguistic borders daily to report on the political events shaping our era make her stand out as an inspirational woman.

Dr Katya Adler, honorary graduate at the University of London Institute in Paris graduation ceremony

Responding to her award, Katya shared her honour and delight in receiving the doctorate, and in joining the ULIP and University family.  She inspired graduates, saying, ‘Success is not about the title you have or the money you earn,’ but about how you feel about your achievements.

One of the most joyful moments of the day came during the group photo on the grand entrance stairs to the Residence. Tossing their mortarboards in the air, the new graduates cheered their hard work and perseverance, before heading to the garden to toast their success with classmates and families.

ULIP Graduates tossing their mortarboards

As the sun shone late into the early evening of a magical day, graduates discussed their plans for the future. Their ULIP degrees have equipped them for a wide range of options: everything from continuing their training to become a French teacher or considering the foreign service exam. Whether they decide to go back to the UK to continue their studies or start their careers, find new adventures around the globe, or remain in Paris and deepen their relationship with France, we wish them the very best!

ULIP Graduation at the British Ambassador's Residence in Paris

We look forward to keeping in touch with all our new alumni.  For more information on how we will continue to support you, visit our alumni page.

View photographs from the day on our Facebook Album as well as our Storify page.