Past event
10 May 2017

ULIP’s Engin Isin reflects on a walk through the heart of London’ s East End with our current cohort of MA International Relations students.

MA International Relations students

On 27-28 April ULIP-QMUL MA students visited Mile End campus in London. The purpose of the visit was to enable the students to meet their MA dissertation supervisors as well as to visit campus for library, career services, and a walking tour of London’s East End. To prepare ourselves for the walk we communed at Tayyab’s with Punjabi cuisine. The following day and following the footsteps of Frédéric Gros’s A Philosophy of Walking (Verso 2015) to ‘commune with sublime’ and ‘to free our minds’ we traversed some twelve kilometres in East London, being nourished by Nude Espresso coffee and Freedom Bookshop along the way. The idea of the walk was as much developing an appreciation of a history of the East End as learning from each other about what it means to ask questions and how we go about addressing them. Our walk ended at Postman’s Park where the Watts Memorial remembers people who gave their lives to protect the lives of others. 

Walking the streets of East London with our MA IR students in Paris was a fantastic learning experience for all of us.