20 May 2019

Dr. Geoffrey Roger has been awarded a Stirling Maxwell Fellowship at the University of Glasgow to coincide with his ULIP sabbatical leave from September to December

Geoffrey will use the award and research leave to work on the only extant manuscript of the 15th century collection of short stories, Les Cent Nouvelles Nouvelles. Recent critical editions of the manuscript have been subject to strong criticisms from philologists and Geoffrey hopes to redress this by publishing new print and digital editions.

Geoffrey's approach to transcription has been guided both by modern editing principles and philology (segmentation, deabbreviation, punctuation, diacritics, capitals, markup) and by recent linguistic research into Middle French which has enabled him to dramatically reduce editorial interventions and therefore reinstate, to a great extent, the manuscript’s original spellings, lexis and syntax. 

For this work, Geoffrey will also benefit from the rich collection of secondary sources at the University of Glasgow Library and will present his work in progress at the Stirling Maxwell Centre.