5 June 2020

Dr Joanne Brueton has been selected to take part in an important British Academy Modern Languages Outreach Scheme hosted by the University of Oxford. For the project, which aims to address the current crisis in the study of modern languages, she will work with eight early-career researchers, as well as teachers, national providers and policy bodies, to discuss current provision and future needs for modern-language study, and share best practice for research-based engagement.

In a second phase, the year-long project will lead to eight regional engagement events, and to a bank of collectively produced online resources for use by the wider school and university communities. Dr Brueton’s project ‘Decentring and decolonising French Studies’ seeks to widen the demographics of those applying to cultural studies programmes, to decentre the hegemony of the metropolitan French literary canon, and to readdress outmoded perspectives that present foreign literature as only available to an intellectual elite.

For more details on the year-long scheme: