17 December 2018

Read Dr.Edouard Morena's contribution to a new special issue on climate change and capitalism with La Vie des idées/Books & Ideas

Morena's research focuses on civil society participation in international environmental issues, including the study of climate change activism and the Paris Climate Conference (COP 21). In addition to his research and teaching, he has been contributing to the wider debate on climate change and capitalism. In this newly published article, "Do Philanthropists Actually Love the Planet", he critically examines the role philanthropic foundations have played in the climate struggle. As he writes:

"For most of these large climate funders, environmental protection and a liberal economic order are not only compatible but mutually reinforcing. Behind their altruistic, pragmatist veneer lies a genuine desire to solve the climate crisis while simultaneously perpetuating the dominant economic order, an order that many observers hold responsible for the deepening climate crisis."

Read the article here in English and French.