27 May 2020

ULIP and Goldsmiths launch a new network linking researchers and activists engaged in neighbourhoods of welcome across Europe.  

Building on the City of Sanctuary movement, Professor Sue Clayton (Goldsmiths) with ULIP’s Professor Anna-Louise Milne are developing a series of network discussions with a focus on local boroughs marked by long histories and recent mobilizations to provide structures of care and access to rights for refugees and asylum seekers and more broadly, particularly in the context of COVID-19, for people living in vulnerability. The idea is to share practice across Europe and to contribute to understanding how the landscape of solidarity is changing as movement becomes radically more difficult across, to and from the European continent.

The project is characterized by an effort to work across the boundaries between academic exploration and activist engagement, recognizing the plural nature of people’s positions in these scenes and the vital way in which spaces of everyday engagement in local neighbourhoods in capitals such as Athens, Belgrade, Paris and London, as well as smaller cities too, are developing new forms and knowledge of social endeavour and solidarity in the face of the ever-increasing neglect and repression on the part of public authorities. 

The first on-line meeting will take place on 9th June 2020 with participants from Serbia, Italy, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, and Malta.