19 September 2018

ULIP alumni follow highly diverse and stimulating life paths after graduation. Some students go into immediate employment or internships, while many choose to expand their horizons with postgraduate study back in the UK, elsewhere in Europe, or further abroad. 

Having studied in France while maintaining close connections to the UK, ULIP graduates have an exceptional degree of flexibility and choice when considering their next steps. ULIP-ers often find that after three years of living in one of the world’s capitals of culture and intellectual life, they are not yet ready to leave behind the city’s charms, and choose to pursue further study or work in the city.

This was the case for Chloe who graduated last year and has gone on to study in the French university system. In this video, the first in a series of ULIP alumni videos, she indicates some of the advantages of staying in Paris after ULIP. She is now specializing with a licence professionnelle in publishing, a course which has helped her secure a place on the masters programme at the Sorbonne. 

Watch the video below, as she discusses some of the challenges and advantages of her course and her hopes for the future.