Blog piece
24 October 2018

After recently graduating from the BA in French Studies degree programme, Katharine Ruff has written a blogpost in which she reflects upon her time at ULIP and tells us about her plans for further study in France.

It’s the start of a new term, but for the first time in three years I’m not at ULIP; I’ve graduated!  Next week I’ll start at the École Supérieure d’Interprètes et de Traducteurs to do a Master’s in Translation from French and Spanish into English. It’s been tough to get to this point: I prepared for about a year for the rigorous entrance exams, which not only tested my translation skills but also critical thinking, analysis and French grammar.

Translation has always been a point of interest for me; there’s something fascinating about being a mouthpiece for a new idea, or successfully communicating an important document. During my time at ULIP I got the chance to really develop my skills, not only in class but also in two internships that gave me a window into the industry. The first was translating subtitles for a video production company, and the second was translating itineraries and recommendations for a French tourism website.

After these experiences, I was certain that I wanted to pursue a career in this area. When I found out that I had passed the entrance exams for my Master’s, I was absolutely ecstatic: it felt like the first step to where I wanted to be. One day, I hope to be employed by a large international organisation, using my language skills every day and working alongside people who are just as passionate about languages as I am!