University of London Institute in Paris

9-11 rue de Constantine
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Organised by Dr Alexandra Kurmann, ULIP Research Affiliate, Macquarie University, Sydney, with the Paris Centre for Migrant Writing and Expression and the Centre for the Study of Contemporary Women’s Writing.

"Transdiasporic World Literature: Vietnam and Beyond" seeks to explore what is recently considered to be the contemporary transdiasporic turn in studies of Vietnamese refugee and migrant literature. From the late 1980s scholarship on Franco- and Anglophone Vietnamese writing has flourished separately, yet only recently has the work of Vietnamese authors of the world-wide diaspora been discussed in a transnational, dialogical context. Just as Ranjan Ghosh draws on the ‘trans’ in “transcultural poetics”, this Study Day makes a focal point of the ‘trans’ in transdiasporic to consider the transformative cultural, linguistic and literary transfers, translations and transactions between texts, written across and beyond the global Vietnamese Diaspora.

The Study Day will include presentations by Vietnamese diasporic authors residing in Paris, namely the 2017 Prix Littérature-monde winner, Anna Moï (Le venin du papillon), graphic artist and novelist, Marcelino Truong (Une si jolie petite guerre, 2012), and crime fiction and short story writer, Thanh-Van Tran-Nhut (Les enquêtes du mandarin Tân; Le Palais du Mandarin, 2009). A round table discussion at the end of the Study Day that reflects on ways in which to read diasporic literatures transculturally and transnationally is intended to establish dialogues between writers and scholars of Vietnamese and diasporic literatures more broadly.

The full programme for the day is now available to view and download.

Please do consult the abstracts from our speakers and presenters.

The Study Day also complements the ULIP event series, Dis-placing Politics.

Registration for the event is now open.

Image: Marcelino TRUONG, 2013 Watercolour, ink, China ink on paper, 'Saigon 1967'