University of London Institute in Paris

9-11 rue de Constantine
75007 Paris

Taking the Institut des Cultures d’Islam (ICI) as the object of its study, this two-day workshop will explore different Franco-British comparative perspectives on the Institute as part of a wider reflection on contemporary cultural spaces and their role in both modern retellings of national history and the stimulation of cultural variety to create new forms of openness of the mind and of space.

To reserve your place for the second day of the workshop, Friday 19 May, please click here.

Thursday 18 May,14:00 – 19:30, ICI (closed session).

An introduction to the L’Institut des Cultures d’Islam, its sites, activities, staff, and partners.

14.00–16.00: A panel session offering different perspectives from political, curatorial and academic actors in the evolution of the ICI project since its inception, with:

16.00-17.00: Guided visit of the current exhibition Rock the Kasbah with Bérénice Saliou (Directrice artistique, culturelle et scientifique de l’ICI).

17.00–18.00: Tour of the local area with Jacky Libaud.

18.00-19.30: café social or discussion with local community groups, including Alexandre Blandin (Café Social Ayyem Zamen), Wardine Ibouroi (Home Sweet Môme), and Hélène Tavera (Collectif d’habitants 4C).


Friday 19 May, 9:00-17:30, ULIP (session open to the public).

A series of panel sessions considering comparative Franco-British perspectives on the issues and interests surrounding the creation new cultural centres and contemporary art.

9.00-9.15: Welcome and Coffee.

9.15-9.30: Introduction – Mapping the pluralisation of contemporary cultural Institutes, Anna-Louise Milne, ULIP.

9.30-11.00Thinking the plurality of Islamic cultures in France and Great Britain with Alison Scott-Baumann, SOAS on “Decolonizing the agora, how to re-develop a cultural identity on the street with the terrorist,” and Nacira Guénif-Souilamas, Paris 8.

11.00-11.45: Discussion lead by Isabel Hollis, Queens University Belfast.

11.45-12.45: Cultural locations, cultural identities : thinking through space towards the challenges of multicultural societies with Sophie Zeller, Sous-Directrice de la Direction des affaires culturelles de la Ville de Paris, response and discussion lead by Anna-Louise Milne, ULIP.

12.45-14.15: Lunch (not provided)

14.15-16.45: Contemporary art, Islamic cultures and the world city with Clara Turpin, Université de Québec, Morad Montazami, Tate Modern, and Stéphane Malfettes, Palais de la Porte dorée/History of Immigration Museum.

16.45-17.30: Closing remarks from Claire Launchbury, School of Advanced Study.



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