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Seminar series
London International Documentary Festival

Persona. Primary Structures

Persona. Estructuras primarias

Mikel Belascoain & Miguel Goni Aguinaga | 2017 | Spain | 39 | Spanish w/ English sub-titles

Screening and Q&A with the directors, Mikel Belascoain and Miguel Goni Aguinaga

‘Persona’ is a documentary film directed by the Spanish artist Mikel Belascoain and the photographer Miguel Goñi Aguinaga. This movie has been filmed during the process of creation. A work inspired by the dialogue between the artist and people who suffer severe neurological diseases. This film is part of the experimental project of the same name initiated by Manuel Murie, Neurologist and President of the Spanish Society of Neuro-rehab and the artist Mikel Belascoain.

The film will be preceded by a screening of:

Callum Innes Exposed

Gautier Deblonde | 2017 | Scotland/France | 12


Callum Innes, born in 1962, is one of the most important Scottish minimalist painters of his generation. His paintings are created through a process of addition and subtraction, sometimes removing sections of paint from the canvases surface with turpentine. Filmed during 5 days, in silent sequence shots, we see the artist at work, in the solitude of his studio.

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