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Seminar series
Dis-placing Politics

The Syrian Civil War and Kurdish Migration in Turkey, 2015-2018

This one-day workshop is being co-ordinated by ULIP's Erasmus Research Fellow, Idil Onen, and by Dr Seref Kavak, lecturer at Sciences Po.


The Syrian civil war and its repercussions on governmental policies and military actions in the Middle East have generated displacement and conflict on a complex triangle of Syrian refugees, Kurdish people, and the Turkish state alongside international powers. Since the start of the Syrian war in 2011 Kurdish people have been displaced with increasing violence after the Turkish state ended its peace talks and began a large-scale military campaign near the Syrian border. At the same time, hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees have crossed the Turkish border fleeing civil war and state violence. This one day workshop explores these two waves of migration which is synchronically experienced by Kurds within Turkey and Syria as well the Syrian refugees in Turkey. This workshop seeks to bring together researchers working in the field of migration, forced displacement and state violence in order to explore parallels between Kurdish migration, the Syrian civil war, and the refugee crisis.

Deadline for applications to present: 20 April 2018



10:00–10:30 – Arrival & Welcome (Idil Onen, University of London Institute in Paris)

10:30-12:00 – Panel 1: State Violence: Displacements of Space and Time

Chair: Dr. Seref Kavak, Lecturer at Sciences Po Paris & Post-doc Researcher at EHESS (France)

  • Baris Sannan, Ph.D. Candidate in Sociology at Mimar Sinan University (Turkey)

Paper Title: Kurds taken for Armenians: Substitution of enemies in the Turkish nationalistic discourse

  • Idil Onen, Historian & Visiting Researcher at the University of London Institute in Paris (UK & France)

Paper Title: The Alteration of the Concept of ‘Martyrdom’ and ‘Terrorist’ in the AKP Period

  • Tamás Dudlák, Ph.D. Candidate in International Relations at Corvinus University (Hungary)

Paper Title: A small country for more men - Iraqi Kurdistan and the recent migratory inflows

  • Harry Halpin, Researcher at Inventeurs du Monde Numérique (INRIA-France)

Paper Title: Social Free Technology Movement for the Democratic Polytechnics, Autonomy and Freedom

12:00–13:00 - Lunch Break

13:00–14:30 – Panel 2: Refugees and Precarity: Social, Political, and Cultural

Chair: Dr. Sabahattin Kayhan, PH.D. in History at EHESS

  • Dr. Seref Kavak, Lecturer at Sciences Po Paris & Post-doc researcher at EHESS (France)

Paper Title: Refugees and Cultural Security: Syrian Musicians on the Streets of Istanbul

  • Ahmet Gumusbas, Ph.D. Candidate in Law at KU Leuven (Belgium)

Paper Title: Legal challenges faced by Syrian Kurdish refugees in Turkey

  • Glenda Santana de Andrade, Ph.D. candidate in Sociology, CRESPPA at Université Paris 8 (France)

Paper Title: Syrian Refugees in Urban Spaces in Turkey: Confronting different crises

14:30 – 14:45 - Coffee Break

14:45-15:45: Interview with Professor Hamit Bozarslan, Professor in CETOBAC at EHESS & Open discussion

15:45-17:00- Round Table Discussion with Yahya al-Abdullah, Researcher in the field of higher education access for refugees and migrants & Ph.D. candidate at EHESS, France

Led by Idil Onen and Dr. Seref Kavak          

17:00–Closing & Drinks