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Professor Paul Higate (University of Bath): ‘Militarism, Masculinities and Resilience: From the Army Recruiting Campaign to the Rough Sleeper’

In this presentation  Paul Higate will be discussing militarisation in the British context. Drawing on earlier work, his focus will be on the ways in which resilience, masculinity and militarisation are embodied in a number of contexts including the situation of rough sleeping former soldiers and the British Army's recent recruiting campaign. Taking the theme of the resilient and embodied military-masculine self, the presentation will also touch on the wider implications of actors defined in this way through discussion of the ways they are governed.

He will be joined by Professor Elizabeth Kinne (American University of Paris) as respondent.


18:00 - Lecture and discussion

19:30 - Drinks reception


  • Paul Higate is a Professor in International Politics and Security at the University of Bath. He has published in the field of Critical Military Studies, including a volume entitled Military Masculinities: Identity and the State (Greenwood: Praeger, 2003) and articles in journals, including Security Dialogue (2004), Millennium (2012): 321-341, International Political Sociology (2012): 321-341 and the International Feminist Journal of Politics (2012): 450-469. His work has focused on military masculinities in UN Peacekeeping, Private Military and Security Companies and transitions from military to civilian life. More recently he has been working on militarisation in the British context. 
  • Elizabeth Kinne is a Professor in the Department of Comparative Literature at the American University of Paris. She is a scholar of gender studies and medieval literature and society with a particular interest in the interrelatedness of gender and politics in conduct literature for women during the Hundred Years War. These interests have extended more recently to include contemporary women in the military.