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Seminar series
Politics of Translation - Translation of Cultures

Please join us for our next  Politics of Translation - Translation of Cultures seminar series, with award-winning poet and critic Joshua Clover.

"while strike and riot are often set in opposition, the return of the riot can only be understood in its historical entanglement with the strike; we’ll start with the words, and end with some doubts about the role of language in struggle and the limits of “reading the riot act.”


The talk addresses the argument of Joshua Clover’s new book, Riot.Strike.Riot. (Verso, 2016). That book argues that ours has become an “age of riots” as the struggle of people versus state and capital has taken to the streets. Award-winning poet and scholar Joshua Clover offers a new understanding of this present moment and its history. Rioting was the central form of protest in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and was supplanted by the strike in the early nineteenth century. It returned to prominence in the 1970s, profoundly changed along with the coordinates of race and class. 

This event is offered in partnership with the American University of Paris, University of Kent, Paris and the University of London Institute in Paris, and co-sponsored by the Center for Critical Democracy Studies, AUP. 

All guests who are not members of AUP must contact to have their names placed on the guest list, and expect to bring ID for admission.

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