Senate House

Malet Street
United Kingdom

This one day conference offers the chance to discover more about the work of researchers from across the University of London and to find out about our new QMUL-ULIP MA Urban History and Culture.

The day will feature presentations from academics working across the breadth of Urban Studies, including Dr Claire Launchbury of the Cities@SAS initiative, Prof Miri Rubin (QMUL), and Dr Anna-Louise Milne (ULIP).

The day will provide students with a unique opportunity to meet academics at the forefront of the discipline and to discuss their latest research developments, as well as learning how their different interests interact with the teaching and supervision provided as part of the MA Urban History and Culture. Information will also be available about the course structure, career development, application process, and financial support.

There is no cost for the day and lunch will be provided.



11.00-12.30: Shifting Grounds: On building a research project with the Institut des Cultures d’Islam in the Goutte d’Or Paris – Objectives, Obstacles, and Processes

Unique in the evolving landscape of Republican France, the Institut des Cultures d’Islam (ICI) in the Goutte d’or area of Paris was built and funded by the Paris authorities to provide a space of religious worship as well as a contemporary art and cultural centre in an area cruelly lacking in all such facilities. How did this project emerge within the frame of Republican politics, what questions does it raise, and how can it inform the ways that buildings, new and old, enable us to think in more complex ways about diasporic communities and the plualisation of culture in the contemporary city?

This session will be led by a presentation of the on-going project that the University of London Institute in Paris is developing with the ICI and a workshop discussion of sites in London where comparison and contrast with the ICI project throws light on the ways in which cultural and religious identities shape our cities.

Dr Anna-Louise Milne (ULIP)


12.30-13.30: Presentation of the MA programme, its split-site structure, and its interdisciplinary range, followed by Q&A


13.30-15.00: Diversity in the Pre-Modern City

The workshop explores the challenges and opportunities, responses and experiences associated with the settlement of incomers in urban communities. She will do so by examining the ideas and actions medieval towns and cities took as they settled newcomers. Cities aimed to attract strangers - labourers, artisans and experts, men and women -  but also to keep their communities safe, healthy and thriving. The lectures cover European regions, from the British Isles to Central Europe, and communities ranging from those of capital cities to inhabitants of market towns. It will also consider the responses and solutions offered by townspeople to newcomers in the period of greatest growth and promise, around 1100, and show how the Black Death (1347-50) and the recurrent mortalities that followed, affected the willingness of townspeople to make strangers into neighbours. The relevance of past experience of this question to the present has never been more pressing.

Prof Miri Rubin (QMUL)