European politics in focus: a seminar series aimed at understanding the current challenges facing Europe

The University of London Institute in Paris (ULIP) and Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) are pleased to announce a this joint seminar series. Featuring contributions from leading academics from both institutions, as well as guest speakers from the media, government bodies, and NGOs, the series will explore some of the key economic, social, and political challenges facing Europe today. Guided by the expertise of ULIP’s growing International Politics department, this seminar series provides a lively forum for debate and discussion.

Events are free (reservation is advised) and are open to all and any interested parties. Seminars are followed by a drinks reception.


This seminar series aims at furthering our understanding of some of the key political, social, and economic challenges facing Europe today. The growing refugee crisis, continued effects of the economic downturn, increased threat of terrorism, and the potential of a Brexit looming, pose turbulent new waters for Europe to negotiate. With the values of a Europe “united in difference” under pressure, under what form and with what membership will the Fundamental Rights of the European Union be carried forward into the 21st century?

Reading Workshops

Each seminar in the Challenging Europe series will be preceded by a reading workshop based around the evening’s theme.

Led by our Erasmus Research Fellows, Idil Onen and Jordan Skinner, these workshops offer the opportunity to discuss the evening’s ideas more widely, with relevance to particular readings and with input from the speaker.

All are welcome at these workshops, but we request that you contact Idil and Jordan to sign up and to receive the readings, time and location details in advance.

Upcoming Events 

Thursday 28 September

TransEuropa: Where is Europe? with Engin Isin (QMUL and ULIP) and Charlotte Chopin(ULIP) (in association with the Challenging Europe event series).

Thursday 12 October 

Challenging Europe with Tim Bale (QMUL), Virginie Guiraudon (Sciences Po), and Calogero Giametta (Aix-Marseille University).

Friday 17 November 

Missing Persons - Lost and Found in Paris with Anna-Louise Milne (ULIP) - (in association with Being Human 2017 and with grateful acknowledgement of a School of Advanced Study Public Engagement Innovators Award). 

Thursday 1 February (2018) 



Details of the past events are available here.

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