As a University of London student, you will receive a free dedicated careers service through the Careers Group, University of London. The Careers Group is the largest university careers service in Europe, and provides products and services designed to help individuals achieve and maintain job satisfaction throughout their working lives.

Online resources 

You will have access to thousands of online resources written by the University of London's Careers Consultants via Careers Tagged. Resources include job sector information, self-analysis tools and expert advice on job-hunting, CVs, applications and interviews. 

Individual advice 

A dedicated ULIP careers adviser from the University of London Careers Group visits ULIP at least twice during the academic year to offer one-to-one advice sessions. These sessions provide you with an opportunity to discuss specific plans, such as further study or graduate training applications, or to have a chance to talk very generally about what sort of things you need to think about when planning the step beyond ULIP. Skype appointments can also be arranged. 

Careers talks and events 

ULIP organises seminars and workshops in collaboration with the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI) focusing on the wider French and European recruitment market to complement the advice and guidance offered by the Careers Group. Careers Talks with ULIP alumni and other professionals from Paris and further afield take place on a regular basis, organised both by ULIP or the Students’ Union. You will also have the opportunity to attend selected FBCCI networking events. 

Work experience  

We are strongly committed to helping our students obtain work experience through internships, which will maximise their employability after graduation, whether in France or the UK. Membership of the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry gives us contact with a wide range of Paris-based businesses, many of whom have opportunities suitable for ULIP students.

Head of Student, Academic and External Services helping a student

We foster linguistic and cultural exchange links with a number of Parisian higher education institutions in order to help our students integrate into the local community and make the most of their life in Paris.

Claire Miller
Head of Student, Academic and External Services

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via our web form. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.