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Learning Resources Centre Manager: Erica Burnham

First floor, overlooking the Esplanade des Invalides

Email: ulip.library@ulip.lon.ac.uk

Tel: +33 (0)1 44 11 73 93

Senate House Library, University of London

All University of London students are entitled to physical and remote access to the Senate House Library in London. This is one of the largest humanities and social science libraries in the UK. It has been actively developed since 1870 and now holds around two million titles and receives about 5,500 current periodical titles.

ULIP students should consult with the Learning Resources Centre Manager regarding remote access. It is also worth bearing in mind the library’s proximity to St. Pancras station in London, should you be travelling over to the UK by train [for details on how to get to the Senate House library, click here].


“The Learning Resources Centre is your place to work and research, and your access point to information available throughout the University of London, Paris and beyond. With enough tenacity and imagination, we can make anything happen”.

Erica Burnham, Learning Resources Centre Manager

Libraries Off-site

Registered students benefit from access to a number of libraries within Paris. You can also make use of the Senate House Library should you find yourself in London.

Libraries in Paris

Paris offers an extensive choice of public and institutional libraries, as well as specialist collections, which can complement your studies. Several general and specialist university, public, and private libraries are within close proximity to ULIP, and many have substantial holdings in English.

Through the ULIP LRC, postgraduate students can gain access to the American Library in Paris and the Sciences Po Library, both of which are within walking distance.

Other Parisian libraries of interest include:

Please consult the Learning Resources Centre Manager for more information.