Paris Traces

Did you know that there are two rivers in Paris? On the 8th and 9th of April students and staff from ULIP, Goldsmiths and Paris Sorbonne Université joined Peter Coles for an urban exploration. Click here to read the article. Click here to view Allan Grainger's pictures.

Walking and Talking with Will Self on the MA in Paris Studies

Through the autumn term the students in the MA in Paris Studies worked with Will Self on walking and writing the city of Paris. Tom Ridgway, MA in Paris Studies student, shares his experience and thoughts. Click here to read it. 


Expatriate or migrant?

Read Dr Anna-Louise Milne's blog piece, which has been published on TalkingHumanities, a blog curated by the School of Advanced Study. In this post she discusses the reasons for writing her recent book in French and how it relates to the concept of ‘migrant writing’. Click here to read her piece.